Cleveland Best Sushi

Best Sushi in Cleveland

Cleveland is a rich city in the US, and it is also considered as one of the most highly populous counties in the state. You can also enjoy several activities in Cleveland. Aside from that, it also boasts its truly exceptional sushi that everyone will surely love. Here are the best places that are offering the best sushi in Cleveland.

Cleveland best sushi
Best Sushi in Cleveland

#5 Tomo Sushi & Hibachi

Tomo Sushi & Hibachi is the perfect where you will surely find the best sushi in Cleveland and the best cuisine in Japan. It is the home of truly mouthwatering sushi in Cleveland. Aside from their cuisine, they are also offering sophisticated settings that will give you are relaxing and tranquil feeling. Their truly charismatic, talented and entertaining staffs and chefs will surely deliver you the best sushi in Cleveland that you are searching for. They are also offering different sushi dishes that you will definitely love.


1293 W 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

Phone #: (216) 696-4444


#4  Sushi Rock

If you want to taste highly exceptional sushi in Cleveland that will surely rock your world, then there is no other place to go but in Sushi Rock. It is the best destination for prime steaks and of course fresh sushi which are served in a trendy and cozy environment. They are offering exceptional and award-winning sushi that will surely match your taste. They invite all their customers to experience an extraordinary sushi eating experience. They are one of the best sushi places in Cleveland that will give you an extraordinary taste of sushi.


2101 Richmond Rd G1, Beachwood, OH 44122

Phone #: (216) 378-9595


#3 Shinto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

If you are searching for the best sushi in Cleveland that will definitely satisfy your appetite, then there is no reason to have second thoughts in going to Shinto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar. Their selection of delicious and mouthwatering sushi is plentiful, allowing you to find the best one that will best suit your taste. In addition to their excellent dishes, they are also employed with professional and warm staffs that are willing to accommodate your needs and wants. It is also a great place to spend with your family and loved ones while enjoying the best sushi in Cleveland.


17070 Pearl Rd  Strongsville, OH 44136

Phone #: (440) 878-3868


#2 Pacific East Coventry

When it comes to the best Sushi in Cleveland, Pacific East Coventry is also the best place to go. They are making special sushi for all their customers. Their sushi is the best because they are only using premium and high quality short grain grace, pure vinegar imported from Japan, and they are also using quality Toro or fin tuna, and top grade wasabi. Aside from these facts, they were also reviewed by various notable magazines like the Northern Ohio Live Magazine, Plain Dealer, and Scene Magazine & Sun Newspaper.


1763 Coventry Rd  Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Phone #: (216) 320-2302


Best Sushi in Cleveland
Best Sushi in Cleveland


#1 Parallax

If you want to taste delicious and the best sushi in Cleveland, then you really have to go to Parallax. They are offering a wide selection of sushi dishes that you will surely enjoy sharing with your family and friends. Their sushi is highly exceptional, and you will definitely fall in love with their atmosphere. They are also offering various special features that are perfect for groups and during special occasion.


2179 W 11th St  Cleveland, OH 44113

Phone #: (216) 583-9999

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